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Post by Admin on Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:05 am

How can parents regulate their children's handheld technological gadgets usage?

There are indeed both positive and negative impacts on children due to handheld technological devices usage. Hence, in order for your children to gain the best out of these gadgets, you need to regulate your children’s smartphone and tablets usage.

So how?
If your child is overusing the gadgets, Assign a time limit as recommended. Gradually reduce your child’s usage to reach this.
Ensure that your children are using educational applications as far as possible. Always supervise what your children are using on these gadgets. Even if you are not free, get your helper, this child's older siblings and grandparents to help.
Lack of time and can be dealt with by using devices that require minimal parental supervision. For any activities, parents would have to sit with child and train them. However, beyond some time, children will develop the skill and no longer need adult supervision. Hence, this is the period of time parents have to dedicate to parents. Furthermore, using technological devices is the activity which actually needs alot of attention due to the variety of dangers available for a child online like inappropriate content etc. Hence, focusing on developing other skills like Motor skills would be beneficial.
There so many activities parents can craft for children other than use these gadgets. These include:
Timed activities (challenge against time like puzzles)
Decorating photos/ photo frame with markers/ stickers
Collages from magazine/ newspaper cut-outs
Origami (Make a farm! Zoo!)
Draw a self- portrait (with mirror/camera)
Find shapes in clouds and write them down
Draw a story and tell the story after
Put on music and Dance! Or Sing!
I Spy! (A deck of cards with objects written)
Writing a story with drawings
Make your own board game (paper, crayons)
Play pretend with toys (Like Tea Party/ Zoo etc.)
What other ways could you use to engage your children beyond those suggested? Did you try and of these activities? If you haven't please do and share with your experience!


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